Want to see how easy it is to train your audience through text messages?
It's so fun, you’ll actually look forward to it!
You won’t need any other learning tool!
And nothing else will compare!
Everthing is easier via text
Staying in touch, engaging & training is so much easier for you to create & deliver and for your audience to experience. You will save time, money & stress. And you will start having more fun with your audience.
Your audience will be engaged
If you’re texting them on a regular basis, you will build trust, loyalty, and respect over time. They will look forward to your messages and new training opportunities, and they can participate quickly & easily.
It will run itself on autopilot
You can schedule messages to send in advance, and you can set new learning experiences to launch and expire on their own automatically. If you wanted to sit back and watch it all run itself, you could.
You can customize anything
Your on-boarding messaging, your training menu, and your training phone # are all customizable. Your audience will feel like they are speaking directly with you, your brand, your business via text.
Big data has your back
What is everyone doing inside your training platform? Where are your learning expereinces working and falling short? We answer these questions for you with data inside to help you improve & innovate.
Anyone can participate
If your audience can pull out their phone and text a friend, they can participate in text message training. We’ve tested this with audiences of people 70+ years old and they breeze right along.
It's an organic sales tool
You can qualify leards, warm leads with individual follow up, and up-sell your audience new learning or buying opportunities after they take action (in the follow up). If they engage, engage back.
It feels like a conversation
When your audience is texting your platform, it will feel like they are texting with you one on one. That scales to every single participant. And it creates stronger, more personable relationships.
No Wifi or downloads required
Some participants don’t have internet or reliable internet, but that’s never a problem iwth text message training. They don’t have to download anything or wait for lagging loading times. It’s all instant.
👀 Watch a live
screen recording
This is the training you saw us create in 8 minutes and 51 seconds. It will teach you 3 ways to increase your course completion rates, text or not!
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It’s fast, friendly, and fun for any audience
If they can text, they can learn
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Start texting in minutes
You only need a training phone # to get started
Invite your audience to join
Invite your audience to text [any word] to your training phone #, and they will be texted back to join automatically
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Start texting them
Once you have at least one person on your list, start texting them tips, tricks, updates, articles, and other helpful information to keep them warm
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Launch products over time
Whenever a new learning product or service is ready to use, just tell your audience to text #menu to your number for immediate access
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Includes 10,000 texts
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All text message training plans include the following:
A 15-20 minute on-boarding call to answer any questions you have ($59 value)
Unlimited template requests to help you build learning products even faster ($99 value)
Unlimited “check ups” from live reps to help optimize your learning experiences ($299 value)